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Mpg2Cut2 - Support

Last Revised: 22 April 2011


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MS-Vista / Windows 7

apparently has
*NO SUPPORT* for DirectDraw Overlay.

_ I recommend you turn off Aero mode in Windows Vista (preferred),

____ or tick "Never Use Overlay" in the Mpg2Cut2 View menu.



Playback problems :-

The recommended way to create DVD chapters,
is to save each clip
This way each clip becomes a separate chapter,
and reduces the exposure to audio sync loss at joins.

If this does not fix your problem,
run the output file through a clean-up tool.

Clean-up Tools.

There are a number of tools that can be used to increase compatibility with players :-




Other problems :-

This does not effect the output file, although it is a nuisance during editing. At this stage I cannot maintain the Mpeg Audio decoder (MPA), so just mute the sound in Mpg2Cut2 :-

Menu - Audio - Mute [M]

Sometimes a corrruption in the input file can crash the Mpeg Audio decoder (MPA). As I cannot maintain that decoder, all I can suggest is temporarily turning off audio preview :-

Menu - Audio - Mute [M]

Try changing the View to RGB mode in the menu.
This is slower than Overlay mode, but more reliable.
There are known problems with some video card drivers
(eg MSI)
and also with Windows Vista, in the use of Overlay mode.

Menu - View - RGB.

Temporarily sets Mpg2Cut2 to RGB mode.

Menu - View - Never Use Overlay.

Permanently changes setting to RGB mode.

The program does NOT handle Transport Streams (TS) very well.

Especially there is NO Audio Preview on TS format.

Testing has been on DVB-T standard files, not ATSC.

The preferred format is Program Stream (PS).
If you have problems with a transport stream,
then try converting it using
PVAStrumento or ProjectX.

Sadly, some of the fancier options in Output - Parsing,
do not work well with Satellite Streams.
Try disabling some or all of the output parsing options.

Reading from a CD or DVD will probably be slow.

On hard disk, if you are consistently getting very slow speeds,
below 4000kb/s during copying,
or if sequential DVD acccess performance is very, very poor
then the disk is probably not being accessed in full UDMA mode.

A Master drive is generally faster than a Slave drive.

Copying faster than 10,000 kb/s is not bad on a Pentium 3.
To get above 18,000 kb/s, you probably need a P4, or similar.

SATA drives are generally faster than IDE.

If your hard disk makes a lot of noise while copying,
then you probably need to defragment your disk.
In Win98, run Norton Speed Disk, with "move folders to front".
If you don't have Norton, or similar,
then use the Defrag tool that comes with Windows.
It's better than nothing... maybe.

In Windows, saving of files gets slower as disks fill up.
Over 90% full, writing can get very, very, very slow.
It may be time to consider a clean-up, or buy a bigger drive.

If the drive is getting hardware errors,
that will get so VERY, VERY, VERY, YERY, VERY slow,
even to the point that your mouse pointer disappears,
or even the whole system freezing.
Run the disk manufacturer's diagnostic tools.

"On a clear disk, you can seek forever" - Computerworld

If your mouse clicking finger is sore from too much clicking,
try using the keyboard instead, especially for skipping.

The cursor keys move you back and forth in the file,
You can just hold a key down, and let it auto-repeat.
This is much
faster and easier than individual mouse clicks.

ALL toolbar buttons have a keyboard shortcut.
F1 shows the list.

The Asterisk key (*) on the Numeric Pad toggles Cue mode.
If that is not fast enough for you, then Shift your Asterisk.

Holding down the shift key, magnifies the effect of the scroll keys.

The program may even accept 3270 keys, such as "Erase EOF".

Mpg2Cut2 can be set up as a Windows Explorer context menu command for all MPG and VOB files. Then you can opposite mouse click on a file name, and select Edit to pass the file to Mpg2Cut2 :-

Menu - Misc - Associate With File Types.

The zip download includes a Text file - please read it.
It is your documentation.

F1 in Mpg2Cut2 should display the documentation,
starting with the list of keyboard shortcuts.

If you find a problem has suddenly appeared that happens on a lot of different files,
it could be that one of the settings is not compatible with your system.
If you cannot remember what settings you have recently changed,
just delete the file "Mpg2Cut2.INI",
and it will return to the defaults.

If you are running an oldish version of Mpg2Cut2,
then the problem you are having MAY since have been fixed.
At intervals, I'm updating the program with bug fixes,
so you can get a slightly different set of bugs.
[Out with the old bugs, in with the new!]

Menu - Help - About

Display the build date the old version you are running.

Menu - Help - Homepage

If you have a net connection, this will take you to the current download page on the web.

Menu - Help - Online Forum

If you have a net connection, this will take you to the Rocket Jetty Support Forum on GoogleGroups.


Discussion Forum:

Let me know what problems you are having, and I will see what I can do. Try very hard to include a detailed description of the problem, and what led up to it. If compatibilty issues arise, what product does it relate to ?

Let me know what version of Windows you are running.
Also the version of DirectX, if you know what it is.

Vague complaints are unlikely to be solved.

I do not feed trolls.

Other Notes:

This download is essentially a TEST version, still in development,
so don't expect perfection. Remember that it is free !

Mpg2Cut2 can only edit Mpeg-
2 or Mpeg-1 - NOT Mpeg-4.
Mpeg-1 is only partially supported.



** Use at YOUR OWN risk **

GO TO :-

General Public License does not permit incorporating this program into proprietary programs.
This is free software;
you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the
GNU General Public License
as published by
Free Software Foundation;

This is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
See the GNU General Public License for more details.

If all else fails, here's the
Pre-Alpha is very rough and ready.
Alpha or Beta not quite so bad.