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HotSpot_RGB Last Revised: 21 May 2005

RocketJet4 - Tools

Spatial Colour Error Correction Filter for VirtualDub.

(Based on Dondald Graft's Hot Spot filter).

This filter is designed for correcting the type of colour faults found in cheap video cameras, where certain positions within the picture have consistent colour errors.

Based on Donald Graft's Projector Hotspot filter,
the function is now extended to colour,
rather than just illumination.

Could also be used for films with colour fading at the side.


This here is a TEST version:

I have not done much testing yet.


* * Remember to do a VIRUS check * *

Download _ HotSpot_RGB ___Ver 1.0:

Last Revision:-__ 15 May 2005 _- Build 5515

More info in error messages.