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FieldDelay_RJ Last Revised: 21 December 2010

RocketJet4 - Tools

MJPEG field order correction.

When capturing from an analog source,
sometimes the capture begins on the wrong field.
That results in unnecessary interlace artefacts,
even when the source is progressive.

This filter generates a one field delay,
to reassemble a progressive frame.

The filter also has the option of swapping the fields,
to allow for top/bot incompatibility between codecs.

By default Top field is assumed to be first,
but you can change it to Bottom field first.

If your decoder has the Top and Bot mixed up,
you can swap the fields back.
Eg VDub internal decoder used on Miro MJPEG.


This here is a TEST version:

It is still under development.

Use at your own risk


* * Remember to do a VIRUS check * *

Download _ FilterDelay_rj ___Ver 1.0:

Last Revision:-__ 21 Dec 2010 _- Build AC21